We were brought to the Seirra foothills in search of dirt with a voice, and we found just that.  The Fenaughty vineyard sits at 2600 feet, digging its feet into Volcanic clay over decomposed granite.  These Syrah vines are 30+ years old planted on a north-facing slope offering protection from the intense sunlight.  A little ways up the hill, at 2800 feet elevation, is the Neighbors' vineyard.  Similar soils with a bit more clay and less drainage.  These Mourvédre vines stand tall, completely head-trained with no trellising, and planted close to encourage competition.  The grapes were fermented with native yeast and all stems intact.  The wine was aged in neutral oak barrels and bottled early in the year to preserve freshness.  We couldn’t be happier with this wine, our heart and soul have poured into it.  We found ourselves in vineyards sampling fruit in the dead of night, stranded on the side of the road with an over-heated truck and going to bed sticky from the days work.  This process has been many things, but mostly fulfilling.

                  El Dorado Red Wine

             50% Syrah  50% Mourvédre

Light on its feet with explosive aromatics this wine is drinkable to say the least. The nose leads with dried strawberry dark olive and hints of celery seed. On the palate, red fruits dominate with juicy acidity, keeping you coming back for more.